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Katie Porter echoes Trump with claim election was rigged

Donald Trump didn't write Katie Porter's Requiem Post on social media. But with a few misspellings and capitalizations, there's a good chance he will.

“Because of you, we scared the establishment,” she told supporters in a statement on X Wednesday night about her failed bid for the U.S. Senate. Even though her TV expenses are vastly outweighed and she is “facing an onslaught of billionaires spending millions of dollars,” Porter continued: This is to rig this election. ”

That word — rigging — suggesting there was something illegal, shady, or not entirely kosher about this week's California primary was not just baseless and self-serving.

Considering today's harsh environment, it was a reckless and highly irresponsible act, like throwing kerosene into a fire or handing a loaded pistol to a child.

Without clearing Mr. Porter, a law professor widely supported on the political left, there is ample doubt that Mr. Trump and his MAGA movement have sown the seeds of our troubled electoral system. be.

To be clear, Adam Schiff and Steve Garvey advanced to the November Senate runoff elections because they were supported by California Democrats and Republicans, respectively.

There was no ballot stuffing, no fraudulent compensation, no definitive cartons of uncounted ballots mysteriously turning up at night at a fruit stand outside Yucaipa. (At least we, or the porters, don't know.)

The race for the top two spots and the opportunity to face off in the November general election was close. Porter finished in a distant third place.

“There was no wrongdoing,” said Gail Kaufman, a veteran Democratic strategist who remained neutral in the Senate race. “She ran, and so did a lot of other people who voted for her, and she lost.

“There are many reasons why we lose,” Kaufman said. “But maybe you should take a look in the mirror.”

Yes, Mr. Schiff boosted Mr. Garvey by featuring him in millions of dollars in television ads and persuaded Republicans to give the former Major League Baseball star a tougher opponent in the general election. He persuaded Mr. Porter to pass him.

And yes, billionaires in the crypto industry have spent their small fortunes attacking Porter, attacking Schiff for accepting corporate donations, while at the same time calling her hypocritical for accepting corporate donations. he accused.

The tactic of special interests defending their own interests by attacking other special interests may have a whiff of outlandish irony. But that's politics. This is not election fraud as most people understand the term.

Two explanatory notes added by User X to Porter's social media posts provided helpful context.

“'Collusion' refers to the illegal manipulation of election results and is a serious violation that undermines democracy,” the former said.

The second article states, “Losing out on advertising dollars…is protected free speech as long as it complies with campaign finance laws.” “That's not 'rigging'.”

After coming under fire for X and others, Porter posted a follow-up statement.

“'Manipulated' means manipulated by fraudulent means,” Orange County lawmakers wrote. “I said, ‘It’s rigged by billionaires,’ but the reality is that our politics is rigged by huge amounts of dark money.”

It is certainly so. There is much to say and criticize about the pernicious influence of money in our politics.

But by then, Porter's convincing explanation was too late. She was drowned out by a chorus of condemnation for her inflammatory use of the r-word.

Among those who spoke out was California's senior senator, Alex Padilla, a Democrat and the state's former elections director.

“It's not cheating,” he told Politico. “As a former California Secretary of State, I guarantee the integrity of the election and the results.”

Porter fought hard to win an Orange County seat in 2018 and quickly became famous, wielding a whiteboard like a spear to take on billionaire CEOs and failing corporations.

Many Democrats were disappointed when she gave up her seat to run for Senate. The vote counting jeopardized Democrats' chances of keeping districts aligned with party lines, which is critical if they hope to win a House majority in November.

At 50 years old, Porter still has a strong fundraising base and national following, and is still expected to have a bright political future. She has been talked about as a candidate for statewide office, attorney general or governor as early as 2026.

But first, Porter faces questions about her decision to abandon the House and her constituents to run for the Senate, and the way she gracefully and misguidedly exited the race.

“Instead of coming down from the podium and congratulating Adam Schiff on his victory, she chose to do something incredibly unhelpful to her party and to the people she currently represents,” Democratic strategist Kaufman said. ” he said.

It's easy to win. Losing is the test of a person's character and mettle.

Donald Trump is someone who has shown himself to be the worst kind of loser, who has destroyed the country and undermined faith in its institutions in order to enrage his supporters and explain away his defeat.

Katie Porter shouldn't imitate him.

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