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MORGAN MURPHY: Biden May Help Create A Generation Of New Republicans

After last week's presidential debate, many Democrats are feeling the same way I felt as a young Democrat in 1998: we'd been duped.

Voices of disappointment, sadness and shock are coming from all sides. Live on MSNBC, The New York Times Editorial Boardin Hall of CongressThe truth that has been revealed is that President Joe Biden is not fit to serve another four years in office.

But why the shock?

Looking First debate of 2024 I don't know whether Biden or former President Donald Trump is better suited to be president, but I think Biden did a pretty good job as Biden did. The president walked up to the podium on the right and stood there for 90 minutes answering questions. I told my husband After the debate, he answered all of those questions too. (Related article: Morgan Murphy: Biden's most shocking lies)

The president's condition was no surprise to Republicans, because we've been sending each other memes for years. Biden lost on stage. Falling off a bikeBiden Kidnapped by the Easter Bunny Biden was mentored by Jill Falling down the stairs of Air Force One Or falling at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony.

The president's flailing, mumbling and incoherent comments during the debates seemed no worse than usual.

But what about the Democrats? Uncut, unadorned, unscripted Joe Biden was a disaster.

They appeared to have faith in Democratic leaders like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. I promised in February“He's fine. All the right-wing propaganda about his mental faculties declining is false.” Or Nancy Pelosi.:[H]He’s very sharp.”

in spite of Special Counsel Robert Hur's assessment The president claimed Biden was an “old man with a bad memory,” but the White House press corps seemed to turn a blind eye to it. They largely ignored videos of the president wandering around and getting lost. White House Spin “A cheap fake.”

And Americans saw the real thing. According to a post-debate interview: Wall Street Journal PollCurrently, 80 percent of Americans believe the president is too old to hold the job. (Related article: Morgan Murphy: Biden's inflationary policies are straining the military budget)

That number may increase in the coming weeks.

We hate lies and liars because they make us question ourselves.. Being lied to leaves you with a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Why did I fall for it?

I learned that lesson 26 years ago as a young man. President Bill Clinton's Lies“I have one thing to say to the American people, and I want you to hear me, and I say it again: I did not have a sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.”

Not only did I believe in the president, but I defended him wholeheartedly to my Republican friends and family: “He's the president of the United States!”

By denigrating America and blatantly lying, Clinton not only embarrassed himself, his family, and his office, but also made a fool of his biggest supporters, like me.

So when the truth came out, I was shocked, then in disbelief and anger. Ultimately, Clinton's lies caused me to abandon the Democratic Party and become a Republican.

Four years of lies collapsed in 90 minutes last week, and this may lead to the birth of a new generation of Republicans.

Morgan Murphy is a former Pentagon spokesman, National Security Advisor to the U.S. Senate, and Afghanistan veteran.

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