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‘Republicans Better Get It Together’: Fox Host Says Biden ‘Did What He Needed To Do’ With SOTU

“Fox & Friends” co-host Lawrence Jones said Friday that President Joe Biden “did what he was supposed to do” in his State of the Union address.

Biden delivered his 2024 State of the Union address Thursday night, in which he spoke out against the Ukraine war, the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Jones warned Republicans that they needed to “come together” to defeat Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

“The last thing I want to say about this is that it's clear that Biden did what he needed to do to unify the party last night. They were all singing his praises last night. On TV. Pundits are rallying behind Biden right now,” Jones said.

“Republicans better stick together. They got candidates because they knew better what they believed,” Jones continued. “They need to be aligned because the Democrats are going to be aligned.”

Jones called on Republican Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford, who spearheaded border security efforts. invoice In February, Republican senators called on him to block “advancement of this bill.” The Democratic-backed bill would combine border policy with foreign aid, allocating $60 billion to Ukraine and $14 billion to Israel, one person said. statement Announced by the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee. (Related article: 'Read the bill!': Republican lawmakers clash with CNN panel over Biden's border crisis)

“We have to let it go and figure out what we're going to do to move our country and our party forward,” Jones said. “He can't nod his head on the side of the Democrats when the president is giving a speech bashing the Republicans.”

“Well, the Republican divide between the House and Senate is really detrimental to them right now, overall,” added Fox News' Jonny Joey Jones. “They have to bring it together and unify it.”

“I think so. I think this speech united Republicans,” co-host Brian Kilmeade argued. “I mean, how many more people will support Trump by the end of today? Who would have thought they would line up so closely?”

Trump won several states across the country on Super Tuesday, solidifying his position as the Republican presidential nominee.

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