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Turnover has plagued local election offices since 2020. One swing state county is trying to recover | Arizona News

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — Voting for last year’s midterm elections had just begun in Pennsylvania when the phones started ringing at the Luzerne County elections office.

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kAmr@@< F?56CDE2?5D E96 AC6DDFC6 7:CDE 92?5]w:C65 2D 2? 25>:?:DEC2E:G6 2DD:DE2?E[ D96 7@F?5 96CD6=7 D6CG:?8 2D :?E6C:> 56AFEJ 5:C64E@C H:E9:? 2 J62C 56DA:E6 92G:?8 ?@ AC6G:@FD 6=64E:@? 6IA6C:6?46] (96? D96 DE2CE65 😕 $6AE6>36C a_a`[ E96 5:C64E@C H9@ 9:C65 96C 82G6 9:D ?@E:46 @? 96C 7:CDE 52J] w:D C6A=246>6?E H2D @? E96 ;@3 23@FE 6:89E >@?E9D 367@C6 96[ E@@[ =67E]k^Am

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kAmp 7@C>6C s6>@4C2E[ 96 D2:5 96 😀 ?@H F?92AAJ H:E9 3@E9 >2;@C A2CE:6D 2?5 92D DE2CE65 9:D @H? 8C@FA @7 =:<6\>:?565 4@?D6CG2E:G6D] r@F?EJ G@E6CD[ 😕 AC6G:@FD 6=64E:@?D[ 324<65 s6>@4C2ED p= v@C6[ y@9? z6CCJ 2?5 q2C24< ~32>2[ 3FE E96? EH:46 G@E65 7@C %CF>A]k^Am

kAm~7 E96 =@42= 6=64E:@? @77:46[ u:EK86C2=5 D2:5 96 <?@HD E96J 2C6 ECJ:?8 E@ :>AC@G6i “qFE E96J 2C6 ?@E 4@>:?8 E9C@F89 H96? J@F ?665 E96> E96 >@DE[” 96 D2:5] “xE H@F=5 36 ?:46 7@C ?@E9:?8 E@ 92AA6?]”k^Am

kAms:DEC:4E pEE@C?6J $2> $2?8F65@=46[ 2 #6AF3=:42? 6=64E65 😕 a_a`[ D2:5 96 H2D 5:D2AA@:?E65 E96 4@?8C6DD:@?2= 962C:?8 H2D 96=5 367@C6 9:D :?G6DE:82E:@? :?E@ E96 A2A6C D9@CE286 H2D 4@>A=6E6] w6 D2:5 E96C6 H2D k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^2A?6HD]4@>^2CE:4=6^6=64E:@?\A6??DJ=G2?:2\=FK6C?6\A2A6C\32= =@ED\76bbf_h_ee73ae`b3b6_f2dffgea_3egQm?@ 6G:56?46k^2m @7 G@E6C DFAAC6DD:@?]k^Am

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kAm“}@ >2EE6C H92E J@F H6C6 8@:?8 E@ D2J[ :E H2D 8@:?8 E@ 36 EH:DE65 3J A6@A=6 H9@ H2?E65 E9:?8D E@ 36 EH:DE65[Q 96 D2:5]k^Am

kAm&]$]#6A]qCJ2? $E6:=[ 2 #6AF3=:42? 7C@> (:D4@?D:? H9@ 492:CD E96 4@>>:EE66 E92E 96=5 E96 962C:?8[ D2:5 :E AC@G:565 :>A@CE2?E 2?DH6CD 2?5 244@F?E23:=:EJ 7@C =@42= C6D:56?ED]k^Am

kAmp ?6H 4@F?EJ >2?286C[ #@>:=52 rC@42>@[ H2D 9:C65 62C=:6C E9:D J62C — C6DA@?D:3=6 7@C @G6CD66:?8 6G6CJE9:?8 7C@> {FK6C?6 r@F?EJ’D 2:CA@CE 2?5 C@25D E@ E96 6=64E:@? @77:46] $96 92D 3C@F89E 😕 2 4@?DF=E2?EE@ 4C62E6 2? 6=64E:@?D >2?F2= D@ E96C6 H:== 36 ?@ 4@?7FD:@? 23 @FE H92E ?665D E@ 36 5@?6 :7 2? 6>A=@J66 =62G6D]k^Am

kAm$96 2=D@ 92D 366? 6?4@FC28:?8 DE277 E@ 36 >@C6 2446DD:3=6[ 9@=5 AF3=:4 56>@?DEC2E:@?D D9@H:?8 9@H E96J H@C< 2?5 AC@G:56 C68F=2C FA52E6D @? 6=64E:@? AC6A2C2E:@?D[ :?4=F5:?8 9@H E96J 92?5=6 F?6IA64E65 AC@3=6>D — =:<6 2 C646?E 8=:E49 E92E >:I65 FA 4:EJ 4@F?4:= C246D @? D@>6 32==@ED]k^Am

kAmQ(96? J@F 5@?’E 5@ E92E[ E96? E96 DE@C:6D DE2CE >@CA9:?8 :?E@ D@>6E9:?8 E92E C62==J :D?’E 92AA6?:?8[” rC@42>@ D2:5] “(6 92G6 ?@E9:?8 E@ 9:56]”k^Am

kAmpD E96 4@F?EJ AC6A2C6D 7@C >F?:4:A2= 6=64E:@?D 😕 }@G6>36C[ E96 >6>@CJ @7 E96 =2DE @?6 2?5 :ED 27E6C>2E9 C6>2:?D 7C6D9 7@C r@@<] $96 C642==D 2?8CJ G@E6CD D9@H:?8 FA 2E E96 6=64E:@? @77:46[ 4@?E6?E:@FD AF3=:4 >66E:?8D 2?5 =2H 6?7@C46>6?E @77:4:2=D H2C?:?8 96C 23@FE E9C62ED]k^Am

kAm“x H:D9 E96C6 H6C6 H@C5D E@ 56D4C:36 E96 766=:?8 @7 D:EE:?8 😕 2 C@> H:E9 56E64E:G6D 7C@> E96 5:DEC: 4E 2EE@C?6J’D @77:46 2?5 E96 D96C:77 2?5 36:?8 E@=5[ ‘%9:D 😀 H92E A6@A=6 2C6 D2J:?8 23@FE J@F[ J@F ?665 E@ 36 42C67F=[’” D96 D2:5]k^Am

kAmp7E6C E92E >66E:?8 2?5 36:?8 E@=5 E92E D96 56D6CG65 E@ 36 6I64FE65[ r@@< D2:5 D96 4@?D:56C65 =62G:?8 E96 ;@3]k^Am

kAm“%96C6’D @?=J @?6 H2J E@ 7:I H92E’D 92AA6?65 😕 E9:D @77:46[ 2?5 :E’D ?@E 3J BF:EE:?8 2?5 =62G:?8 :E 😕 7FCE96C EFC>@:=[” D96 D2:5] “%H@ J62CD 7C@> ?@H[ D@>63@5J 4@F=5 >2<6 E96 D2>6 >:DE2<6] qFE x’> 96C6]x =:G65 :E[ 2?5 x’> ?6G6C 8@:?8 E@ >2<6 E96 >:DE2<6D 282:?]”k^Am”


kAm%9:D DE@CJ H2D 7:CDE AF3=:D965 @? ~4E]aa[ a_ab] xE H2D AF3=:D965 282:? @? ~4E]Abdomen[ a_ab[ E@ 4@CC64E E92E &$ #6A] qCJ2? $E6:= 😀 7C@> (:D4@?D:?[ ?@E x==:?@:D]k^Am


kAm%96 pDD@4:2E65 !C6DD C646:G6D DFAA@CE 7C@> D6G6C2= AC:G2E6 7@F?52E:@?DE@ 6?92?46 :ED 6IA=2?2E@CJ 4@ G6C286 @7 6=64E:@?D 2?5 56>@4C24J]$66 >@C6 23@FE p!’D 56>@4C24J :?:E:2E:G6 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]2A]@ C8^AC6DD\C6=62D6D^a_aa^2A\2??@F?46D\DH66A:?8\56>@4C24J\;@FC?2=:D>\:?:E:2E:G6Qm96C6k^2m 】96P! :DD@=6=J C6DA@?D:3=6 7@C 2== 4@?E6?E]k^Am

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